PodcastAffiliate Program


Program Overview

  • Promote Fan Essentials through your podcast and website
  • Drive visitors to FanEssentials.net using banners and podcast live reads
  • Earn money when your visitors buy Fan Essentials products

Starting March 1, 2016 you can earn advertising fees when you refer qualifying Fan Essentials purchases with the Podcast Affiliate program.

What is the Fan Essentials Podcast Affiliate program?

The Podcast affiliate program allows you to refer your listeners directly to FanEssentials.net, where they can conveniently and securely purchase the Fan Essentials memberships that you advertise on your site and podcast. For each eligible Fan Essentials membership that you refer, you will earn a fixed advertising fee.

What Fan Essentials products can I promote, and how much can I earn?

Beginning March 1, 2016, Associates are eligible to receive advertising fees for each site visitor who signs up for Fan Essentials membership plan.

Standard Fee Structure

Eligible Products and Services Value
Fan Essentials Monthly Veteran $3
Fan Essentials 3 Month Veteran $6
Fan Essentials 6 Month Veteran $12
Fan Essentials 12 Month Veteran $24


Fan Essentials Monthly Subscription

Successful registration for an Fan Essentials paid membership on FanEssentials.net using your promo code.


  • Must include the live read ad at the beginning and the end of each podcast with your personalized promo code
  • Must tag Fan Essentials in all social media posts when posting a new episode (this also helps us post your podcasts to our channels as well)

What we do for you:

  • We will put a permanent link on our site to your podcast with your logo on it as well
  • We will promote your podcast and website through our social media channels
  • You are allowed to give one (1) free month away every week to a listener (giveaways are structured however you see fit)

Product Details:

  • Get Sports gear delivered to your doorstep monthly
  • Get 15% off the first month
  • Receive a free month after three referrals using a unique referral code
  • Cancel at any time.

How does the Podcast Affiliate Program work?

When website owners and podcast host, who are Associates, create links and podcasts, and their visitors use your unique promo code to buy Fan Essentials products, they earn advertising fees. It’s free to join and easy to use. 

Simple Advertising Tools: You don’t need to be a web developer to utilize our advertising tools. Simply download the banner ads and put them on your page with links to FanEssentials.net, make sure you include your unique promo code. If you need help, ask us, we may be able to create a unique ad just for your site. Also download the AD to read at the beginning and the end of your podcast. Visit the downloads page to access all our tools to help you make the most money that you can! 

Detailed Reporting: We will provide you with Google Analytics to show how many you referrals you are sending to the site as well as how many of those are converting into actual customers so that you can track your progress and improve over time.