This is our Pre-Order page, to ensure that we get the best quality products for EVERY subscriber, each team must have 20 pre-orders before we will begin to fulfill those orders. Once we reach 20 pre-orders your card will be charged and then you will be sent your first box! After that our system will be open for you to make an account with Fan Essentials as well as take on new subscribers. We will email you a link to complete your registration after we reach our pre order limit!

This is a automatic monthly renewal and to place your order, just pick your shirt size and checkout! If you live in the U.S, the shipping in on us! Remember your card will not be charged until we reach 20 pre-orders for this team!

We encourage you to share this with your friends and family so that we reach our goal of 20 pre orders faster! The quicker we get to 20, the sooner we can send out your new Fan Essentials merchandise.